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  • Well.. I went to install the comic press theme and I think I moved some files that I shouldn’t have. To be honest I’m not sure what I’ve done but when you pull up the website, it’s gone. I threw up a html of my own in the meantime that jumps to the old site.

    What should be on my starting directory? What did I do? Can someone help me please!?

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  • Your index page is white or your wp-admin screen (or both?)
    If you can access the admin, then change the theme. If you cannot access admin, then maybe ftp the wordpress installation files over-riding the original files. Then maybe try the upgrade process. I’m not sure of proper solution to offer when I don’t know what currently exists.

    If you just want to know what files are installed when you install wordpress for comparison sake, then you should just download the installation files and check them out.

    You moved files? Can you be more specific? You should have uploaded the new theme (its entire folder) into wp-content/themes folder. Then gone to Presentation on your admin and change to your new theme there. Is that what you did?

    For some reason when I down loaded the theme files I couldn’t just upload them all, it had to be one at a time cause either Yahoo is the suck or I’m just dumb. So when that happened I needed to get them in to the themes folder which took alot of “move to” so I think I accidently moved something that I shouldn’t have. If I use my index php file, the site is just a blank page, no error message nothing.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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