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  • Resolved David


    I have two users on my site, myself, and the administrator. Both are not accepting their passwords!

    Is there a way to change admin data (passwords) by FTP? Where is that file located?

    BTW= no email response from auto password retrieval!

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  • If you search there must be hundreds of posts and links for step by step. You need to change it in the database. Of course maybe you are bigger problems if the email does not work.

    Out of interest what changes were you making when this happened? This happened to me when I changed the wordpress address url on the settings page before realising the implications. I tried a number of things on this forum but nothing worked. If all else fails if you have access to the sql tables you should be able to export the posts and import them into a new blog. Not good news but better than nothing. Exporting the whole table just exported the problems!


    you should never have to go that far. WHat was not made clear is whether eDrifter’s problem was password or URL. If it is URL which sounds like what you had it is not a big deal. People “see” the login did not work when it actually did. What happenes is, WP accepts your login and then (correctly) redirects you to the URL entered in the settings. That ofc course gives you the wrong page or a 404 error. But if you go back to the again it will see you as being currently logged in and just give you the Dashboard.
    That might be eDrifter’s problem too but if they don’t come back to post we won’t know.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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