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  • Hi Woo-support, i know you guys are probably busy or under staffed but i recently bought 3 nice looking premium WooCommerce extensions and i’m having trouble getting Subscriptions to work with NAB Transact, transactions are not being processed.

    I bought these plugins for a work site, and i really shouldnt have told people i could get this to work, cause now they are counting on me and i have no idea why WC Subscriptions is not working the way it does in the instruction videos.

    I’m using NAB Transact in test mode, and its just not working 🙁 I can make the fist transaction fine, but automatic renewals do not process. they do not even fail, they just dont start.

    When i look at WP Crontrol to find the subscription cron job it is no where to be found. My subscriptions are renewing in the WordPress dashboard but no actual transaction is being processed. that we are told to do in the instructional video for testing subscriptions.

    I started a support ticket about 3 days ago, and i know maybe im being a bit impaitent but if anyone out there can help me or the woo-support team sees this can you please rush my support ticket because this is for a business, (i’m willing to pay extra money for quick responsive support) please help.

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  • I just received that email about credit cards. I can see you obviously have your hands full.

    ill be patient 🙂

    If you bought extensions they should come with support through woo’s website. Have you tried opening a ticket there?

    Yeh i did opened a ticket, and today i got a news letter from them saying they are having some security issues, so i suppose they are pretty busy right now. im gonna wait another day or 2 and then maybe seek out some professional help.

    thanks 🙂

    I feel for you Julian. Both times I’ve needed WooCommerce support (after purchasing $300 in commercial extensions) has been a lengthy and disappointing experience. First time it took two weeks to get a response to my support ticket. This time, we are at 9 days and counting.

    Post support ticket May 1, finally has a response May 5; it is now May 9 and we have received absolutely no support.

    I hope you have better luck with WooCommerce support. I’m shocked, dismayed and disappointed with their support.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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