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  • I’m interested in knowing if and where WordPress falls short of Drupal?

    Meaning .. I currently use WordPress. But I see many blogs and comments on the web that say WordPress is for small sites, like blogs, while Drupal is for larger sites and intended for sites that require more robust features.

    So my question is .. is that an accurate statement? So, if I have a client that is large, such as a University, would they be better served by using Drupal to build and manage their website or would they be better of with WordPress?

    I’m interested in knowing, from someone who currently uses both, what the specific and accurate differences are between the two systems.

    If someone can provide a good deal of “current” comparative information between the two .. and why WordPress keeps being recommended for smaller websites, and why Drupal is recommended (from all of the places I’ve seen online) to be used for larger and more robust websites, .. that would be awesome.

    I’m just curious if I need to use WordPress for some clients and Drupal for others, and when and why? Or .. can I just use WordPress for ALL clients, and is WordPress just as robust as Drupal?

    What’s the info on this?


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    I haven’t worked with Drupal for a couple of years, but I doube that the workflow has changed that much in that time.

    From what I remember. Drupal was good for organising large multi-user sites. It’s complex to modify and relatively complex to re-skin.

    WordPress used to be a pure blogging platform, and that’s stil what most people regard it as even though it’s had good CMS functionality for the past few years. It can be let down a little by the built-in menu system, but that can be avoided by programming your own. It’s also a whole lot eaiser to work with, modify and theme.

    As far as WordPress not being suitable for large sites, I guess that depends on how large. There’s a lot of very large sites running WordPress – just look at some of the sites that are managed by Automattic as well as and you’ll see that WordPress can be extremely scalable.

    After all that, it really comes down to how you (or your clients) are going to use it. Sometimes Drupal will suit your work-flow more and sometimes WordPress will. There’s no one CMS that will ever do everything for everybody, and that’s why there’s so many out there.


    Thanks for your input. I personally would prefer to be a master of one system, than just good at a few. So I was hoping that WordPress could be considered a good enough platform to use for any sized site. Since Drupal or WordPress both use MySQL as the database, I’m figuring that the restriction is more on the MySQL side than anything else.

    Over the past few years, I’ve seen WordPress grow to be much more than just a “blogging” platform, yet I keep seeing it referred to as that.

    So, I’m interested in hearing from developers that work with both WordPress and Drupal .. with any clear and concise comparison as to if one system is better than the other, .. exactly how, why .. etc., and a comparison to the newest versions of both (as of WP 3.6 and the newest version of Drupal (8)).

    I appreciated your input, but anyone else that can provide a detailed comparison as to if and why Drupal would be better for larger websites (compared to WordPress), I’d like to know more about this.

    Thanks again,

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    So I was hoping that WordPress could be considered a good enough platform to use for any sized site.

    It can be. is running WordPress after all 🙂

    No one has a really good detailed comparison of Drupal and WP, though, because we’re all a little biased. Realistically, either one can do pretty much anything, though the more complicated your desires, the more complicated it may be to do things.

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