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  • I have wordpress 5.0.2 and I am struggling with the Gutenberg editor.

    I need to create/maintain a series of paragraphs, each with one or more images floated right. Some text paragraphs may be shorter than the image, some longer.

    If I create a Paragraph block – I can copy&paste text into it, but as yet I have not been able (even though I’ve read the Help on how), to get an image into the paragraph, and do I read correctly that even if I succeed, I can’t control the size of the image?

    If I create a Classic block – pasting doesnt work (using either Cntl+V or right button ‘copyAsText’

    If I create a Table block – it can’t contain images?? Is this right?

    What block am I supposed to use?
    In other WYSIWYG software – it sorts it out for me. Why in Gutenberg do I have to know what’s available & best? What happens if during maintenance of the page I need to change the block type?

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  • using the new block editor (gutenberg), everything becomes a block, including images. you do not insert an image into a paragraph block, rather you create an image block that you size and then float left or right and the following paragraph block then forms around it. that part of how the process works has not changed, I think rather the method of coding the parts has changed. you do control the size of the image, although your theme may alter how that info is processed. lots of gotcha’s in the new editor, you do need to figure out how it works and how to code it.

    can’t answer your q’s about the classic block and the table block, would need to do further investigation.


    Thanks @almcr – I have now got floated images working – thanks to your clear description.
    But still need to know how to best <clear:right> before/at the next block.

    And still don’t understand why am not able to ‘paste’ into a ‘classic’ block.

    I set up a classic block in the block editor and then pasted your paragraph above about the paste not working. so not sure what is not working for you.

    I do notice that in the block editor classic block that the image is contained within a paragraph tag when an image is inserted into the classic block. not sure that is creating the code the way I thought it would, I just want it to create an image tag for me not contained within anything.

    one of the main features lacking in using the new editor is a how-to-use-it list for the various blocks, this is one that I just saw and can reference from
    using the block editor. not sure if there is a block how-to-use-them tutorial on, perhaps there is and I have not seen it yet.


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