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  • Hey guys, I’m not so new to wordpress, have been using it for most of last year and all of this one. But when it concerns this topic, I can’t seem to figure out what it is that I am doing wrong!! I feel like I’m having a huge brain fart or something.

    So please someone dumb it down for me and explain to me how I can use All in One SEO plugin to add Meta title- discritpion- and keywords to my posts. I am able to get it on all of my pages, but not my posts.

    The posts show up as the title of the post that I put, but I am not able to manually edit anything like with the pages (as the meta title, meta discritpion, or keywords) I cant even see them in the “view source file”.

    And I feel that I’m just being stupid and missing something really simple.

    So can someone PLEASE explain to me in exact details HOW to enable the plugin to read the meta title, keywords & discription that I type into it at the bottom of every post?

    I use my website as my dad’s business site. It is

    Please get back to me!! I would really appreciate the help.
    Sorry if this is a really dumb question… but no matter how hard I try and how much I search through google, I just cant find the answer, or what I’m doing wrong.

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