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  • A plugin im using says to just copy and paste [wpdm_file id=1] into my post contents to get it to work. However, every time I copy and paste that exact code when I go to view the page it literally shows that code (with the brackets and everything) instead of showing the s supposed to show. Anyone care to explain what Im doing wrong? I could never understand this shortcode stuff when pluggins tell me to insert the code. Thanks guys!

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  • Anyone? This seems like such an easy answer but I cant find it anywhere.. Please help me out.

    What plugin? What theme? Link to your site? Are you pasting into the visual or text editor?

    He WPyogi, I’m trying to makea download page on my site where I sell an Ebook. Im using the plugin “WordPress Download Manager” to attempt to hide my download file a little better. After uploading my ebook to the plugin, it says to “Simply Copy and Paste the embed code at anywhere in post contents” and gives the code [wpdm_file id=1]. As of right now I tried posting it in each with the same results. It just shows up on my real page as if the code was normal text.

    I just tried it out – and it seems to work fine. Are you switching between Visual and Text editors, by chance? That can cause problems.

    What theme are you using? Any other plugins?

    Im just literally copying and pasting [wpdm_file id=1] into the visual editor and then when I view my site all I see is “[wpdm_file id=1]” Im not switching back and forth and Im not using any other plugins which is why im so confused. I had several other plugins in the past that would as me to do the same thing as far as copying and pasting a shortcode and I always had the same results, causing me to end up just deleting the plugin. Is there anything im supposed to change or do before pasting in into the content area?

    What theme are you using?

    Try using the TEXT editor.

    Did you create the download package as per the plugin – i.e. that code was created for your download?

    Can you post a link to a page where this is happening?

    Theres the link to what it looks like. I found that the plugin has an icon above the editor that allows me to just click it and it puts the code in for me. Heres the results I get though. I had to just use a screen shot because it is after all my download page so i dont really want that being on the web. Thanks

    Understandable, but unfortunately, a screenshot it’s really very useful so far as what might be going on with the code of the page.

    But if you are having this problem repeatedly with different plugins, that seems like either something is going on with your site, or you’re doing something unusual.

    Where is that big button from? I don’t see that on the plugin’s options?

    Are you pasting just this [wpdm_file id=1] ?

    What theme are you using?

    Have you tried switching to twentytwelve?

    I understand how a screenshot would be pretty useless. The big button is just my current checkout. I didnt want to delete it before I got this one working so I just left it there and made sure to stay away from its coding. I did fail to mention that Im using Optimize press. If that makes a difference?

    I really don’t know about that theme – but the way to test is to change to twentytwelve to see if the problem persists. Or ask the vendors of Optimize Press – as these forums don’t support commercial products.

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    Im just literally copying and pasting [wpdm_file id=1] into the visual editor


    As WPyogi suggested

    Try using the TEXT editor.

    I’ve tried both editors kmessigner, Thank you though. And thanks for your time WPyogi, I guess I’ll just contact Optimize Press.

    FWIW, it worked for me in both editors…sounds like the theme may be problematic since no shortcodes seem to work on it. Hopefully, they can help your sort out what’s going on :).

    Hopefully so! Thanks a ton WPyogi!

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