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  • Maybe CrouchingBruin, who taught me all about php and css, isn’t visiting as often as in the past.

    Does anyone know why I’d be getting the message that my site isn’t displaying properly on mobile devices???

    Is it because I haven’t upgraded to 3.8?


    Hi Karen,

    I would ask the question at Montezuma developer support site.


    Right, except in the past when I asked any question there, I NEVER got a reply.

    So, no help, all foul.

    I used to get help on this forum….



    Forum Moderator

    Try waiting more than 1 day.

    Okay, but I tried waiting several weeks when I started, I donated to the thingie that said they were more likely to respond… NO response came.

    Hi, Karen:

    From what I could see from doing a Google search, the blocking script resources refer to external Javascript files which are loaded in the head section instead of the footer. That’s not unusual, I think most themes load their Javascript in the head as well.

    Do you know what “googleusercontent” is?

    I see you’re running a plugin called Google Analyticator; can you try disabling that plugin to see if it eliminates those scripts? If it does, then you can manually add your Google Analytics code to the footer using the Header & Footer plugin.

    I see you’re also running W3 Total Cache, and that’s supposed to help. From your admin dashboard, can you go to Performance > Minify, scroll down to the JS section, and select Non-blocking using “asynch” and see if that improves your PageSpeed rating? Your desktop rating of 88 is surprisingly good.

    Also, I’m getting the message that my pages are not showing up correctly on a mobile device… From the message it sounds as if they are not responding… which I thought Montezuma did…

    Yes, Montezuma is responsive, and your images will automatically resize as long as the element’s styling isn’t set to a specific width.

    What’s causing the problem on that particular page is the very first image. It is enclosed by a DL element with an inline width of 600px, so no matter how the page is resized, the image is going to remain at 600px; that’s what is keeping that particular image from responding properly, and keeping your page from getting any narrower. That element also has a class of foter-photo; are you using a gallery plugin? If you can, make the width 100% instead of a fixed width, and the image will resize properly.

    Also, in the footer of all of your pages, you have a YouTube video for “Drag & Drop Site Builder by iPage.” That video is enclosed by an iFrame with a width of 560px, so all of your pages will not get narrower than 560px.

    Hi CrouchingBruin 🙂
    I am SO Happy to see you!!!! I think of you each time I work on my site, and I now have four using this theme. You taught me how to do it. Thank you SO much.

    Ah, the footer. I was going to ask you how you did yours, for the Lady Eagles, but working with what you taught me I was able to figure out how to get a footer with widgets. Thank YOU! I forgot to use it for the Google code because I tried to put the code in before I understood very much. I’ll go do that change, now.

    Done! OMG, that is so exciting, I’m nearly trembling with excitement! Happiness!!!!

    Now I’ll go try the W3 thing. The W3 forum didn’t feel inclined to respond to my questions… I’m so glad you have a clue. When I tried the “minify” thing, it totally wiped out my site, except for the yellow color. This may take me a bit longer, so I’ll post this much, for now.

    Again, BIG THANKS!!!


    Oh, wait, I better ask right now… “not set to a specific width” … does that mean that when I put an image in, I can’t use the little boxes that suggest Thumbnail, Medium, or Large (or is it full size???)

    That may be my problem. I didn’t realize that would set the picture in stone, so to speak. Sigh.

    Also, I think I need to stop using Microsoft Word to crop my pictures. I just noticed that my pictures are png not jpeg. I don’t think that’s good.

    What do you use to get progressive jpegs?

    I downloaded something called ImageMagick yesterday, and what happened was my computer became loaded with programs to say I needed to buy registry cleaning stuff, and backup stuff… It took me over an hour to uninstall all the scammy little bits, and all of them aren’t entirely gone.

    Wow, I just got the message about the video in the footer… Thanks. I’ll go take it out. Thank you VERY much.

    Hi CrouchingBruin ~~

    Okay, I think I’m a little confused…

    the image thing… Does that mean that when I want an image on a page and for the page to be responsive, that I need to make the image the size I want BEFORE I upload it???

    And, then does that mean that if I select “Full size” it will be responsive, even though there are numbers associated with the full size of the image????


    Oh dear, I’m very confused about images.

    I’ve been making images progressive jpgs for the last nearly two hours. And, I’ve only got two completed because I’m so SO unclear.

    When you ask if I’m using a gallery plugin… does that mean that a gallery would make the images progressive?

    I’m not using one because I thought it was meant for slideshows and art type sites.

    I’m using two different free image plugins, so that the proper credits are associated with images I use. But, I don’t know if the images arrive as progressive jpegs, and I don’t know if I can convert them and still have the proper credit thing show up.

    Because a huge proportion of my images are completely wrong because I used Microsoft Word to crop them, I thought I’d correct all my pages in alphabetical order, so I don’t get confused and miss one… but it’s very slow going, mostly because I’m so unsure of what I’m doing… like with the free images…

    I wish I’d asked you this ages ago, before I did 50 pages WRONG.

    🙁 Still, It’s wonderful to see you!!!! and … better late than never.

    Okay… so full size seems to be the key. I think I began making the error when my WordPress switched to a medium size and I suddenly got the idea I could choose a size and still have the page be responsive.

    CrouchingBruin~~~ You have made a HUGE difference to my website… I’m not getting the bad results anymore. Thank you SO much. (and, I haven’t even tackled the minify thing yet…)

    Turns out, in case you’d be interested in knowing, that Smush.It makes jpeg images progressive. Smush.It is a that makes images more loading time friendly, and, they say it’s “lossless”

    I’m hoping to be able to contribute to the Lady Eagles soon… really soon.


    Hi, Karen:

    OK, glad you found an image editor. I was going to recommend IrfanView, a free image viewer that will also convert between different image formats as well as scaling images down.

    So in looking at the current state of your page, it seems like you’ve figured out a lot on your own. Yes, if you insert the image as full-size, then it won’t try to set the width & height for you to a specific size (although you can always go in using the Text editor to remove them. Or you can also change px’s to a percentage, which will also make them responsive. That is, if you set the width of an image to 50%, then it will always resize to fill up half the width of the container element.

    Another tip to speed up page loads is to make sure your images aren’t any bigger than they have to be. Since your main content area is 600px wide, then scaling (or resizing) your images to 600px or less would help.

    Hi CrouchingBruin ~~

    Excellent to know about the 50% thing. I had no idea. That’s super useful to know.

    I downloaded IrfanView ages ago, but it didn’t do what I needed at the time.

    Having looked at it now, with your post in mind, I was able to see the programs I use differently. The simple, free, Paint Accessory will work to do the header for my new site. I had thought I’d have to sign up to pay for PhotoShop, but I only use that kind of thing Infrequently, so it was not a happy making thought to spend so much money.

    you are an Excellent teacher.

    I’m able to follow what you say. So many people write things in sort of a cryptic short hand, and I can never figure out what it actually means.

    You are very kind to take the time to write things out in a clear way.
    Thank you.

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