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  • Guys I’ve been at this a while, continuously trying to improve this sucker, but I’d LOVE to get your feedback on what small additions/modifications I can make (still a rookie) to drive traffic/increase user engagement.

    Site is about clowning on your friend, making fun of them on a public forum…would ultimately love to have others log in, post funny pictures, videos, or stories of their friends and then share to them on other social networks.

    Anything you guys suggest??

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  • Building traffic is a long process which takes work and patience. Try submitting your site to various directories – there are oodles of them all over the place, Google them. Use social bookmarking sites. Comment on other blogs similar to yours. Remember to keep the comments relevant, don’t spam. Try some SEO plugins – lots of good ones in the Plugin Directory.

    Hi rkrieg,

    You’ve created a challenge for yourself in that your blog subject isn’t easily searchable. It’s not like you’re blogging about dogs or recipes — those are things that someone will type into Google. It’s also more difficult for you to find your audience. You can’t just look for dog owners or people who like to cook.

    LenK is right. It takes a LOT of hard work and time to build traffic. I probably spend more time marketing my blog than I do writing posts. I’m very new, so I’m hoping that will change eventually, but I don’t think that you can build readers without actively going out and looking for them.

    I suggest tracking down your market and then trying to connect with them. It sounds like you’re probably looking at the YouTube/MySpace crowd. Post comments, get on forums, and converse with these people. The more they like YOU, the more likely they will be to support your blog. I also highly recommend Twitter. I wrote a post on the advantages of using Twitter for designers, but it sounds like it could be EXTREMELY valuable to you too:

    7 Reasons Why All Designers Should be on Twitter

    Make friends, talk to people, and encourage them to post to your blog (but not in a salesman-y way).

    You’ll also want to make sure the your site is optimized for search engines. I also wrote a post on simple (and free) ways to do that:

    Search Engine Optimization

    It sounds like you have a good idea, and I’m sure it will take off. It’s hard because a site like yours depends on reader participation. If you have to, let your friends post some embarrassing stuff about you to get things rolling 🙂 Once people know you’re out there, it will be much easier to get them to come back.

    Good luck!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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