I'm getting blank tabs, blank pages & Google Adsense & Feedburner are missing (1 post)

  1. stokedking
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I am experiencing some really weird problems and I have no idea how they started.

    First, when I click on the "Manage" tab in WordPress Admin, about half the time it is totally blank when viewed in Firefox and displays "Cannot display page" in IE. Whenever this happens and I check it with "view source", it's totally empty.

    Second, when viewing my blog through Firefox, Google Adsense is not displayed at all although I am not blocking javascript or anything and since it worked perfectly just a couple of days ago. Also, it displays perfectly fine when using IE. Really weird!

    Next, I had installed Feedburner a couple of days ago on my blog and it worked perfectly fine for the first couple of days. Now it just refuses to display even though I can see it in the code through "view source".

    Does anyone have any suggestions? My blog is at bankofgreen.com

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