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  • I’m curious can you delete the “sandbox” and do it again and again?

    Meaning, if I create a sandbox of a site. Then, test some things .. and want to show it to a client .. can I allow them to see the new sandbox site? What would the URL to the sandbox site be?

    And when I’m done, can I delete the sandbox site, and will it remove all the database tables that were created for the sandbox and all the files?

    And can I then, do another sandbox for the same site .. again and again without causing any problem with my original site files and/or database?

    I’m just looking for additional input before I actually TRY this plugin.


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  • yes you can 🙂
    I tried it and if you check the description it says:

    A complete independent sandbox, unavailable to the general public and search engines, can be created quickly and simply. You can even create multiple sandboxes to test different iterations of your site.

    It works indeed but with regards to your other question, there is no URL to give out =>

    Once activated, only your browser can get to the sandbox installation. You can return the live site at anytime by clicking the link in the notice at the top of the admin interface.

    I’m sure this could be developed some more if the developer had time and the inclination to do so…

    Plugin Author barteled


    Sorry for the delayed response on this. For some reason I stopped getting e-mails when there are posts to the support forum for my plugin.

    Adding a capability to send a link to a client is on the roadmap. It should be something I can provide shortly.

    The sandboxes are independent from your live site. You can add multiple sites and delete them as you wish. The plugin does performs multiple checks to insure that the sandbox will not cause impact to your live site. That being said, I recommend a full backup before using testing this or any new plugin for that matter.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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