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  • i’ve been blogging for like four years with straight html and some css using crappy free hosts like (right now i am on and finally decided to try wordpress because i wanted comments and stuff… long story short, i downloaded wordpress and apache (because it was recommended) and now i have no idea what to do with them. i have poked around some help sites but most of them assume you already know some stuff about servers and i am completely clueless. does anyone know where i can get step by step instructions from the very beginning for setting up and using apache and then wordpress?

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  • Setting up apache on your computer ?

    Or do you just want a free blog and commenting ?

    well i’d really like to know how to use the software but pretty much all i would do with it is blog… xampp looks helpful; i’ll try that.

    I would do it live on your web host. I really would. One big benefit is if it blows up forum folk can help.

    I too am pretty clueless on the blog thing. I downloaded wp and ran the install and it now says that it does not like the MySQL settings.

    using win98se on pc , I don’t know anything about the blogs or what other programs are needed to run it on pc or website. I want to use it for business communications/questions and answers forums.

    any clues?

    dtoots1 – I would find a host first. We can then help you get up and running. It will be almost impossible to try and help with a local install.

    I have a host isp, my website is at .

    I had a message forum on it as a re-direct, which i can fix as an on-site blog, but first i have to get this thing organized to run.

    have reviewed the help screens but don’t know quite what i need to do to get this set up as an on-site blog or even to get it running

    dtoots – if you drop me an email, I can install it for you ? (assuming your host meets the requirements)
    tamba2 at gmail dot com

    thanks, i hope that you can help on this.
    i have sent e-mail out to you.
    looks like we kinda far apart…guess you must be overseas, probably England?
    looking like 4 hours difference, I am in USA, OHIO

    OHIO ?
    My records are blogs installed in New Zealand and Hawaii 🙂

    nice to know we can communicate easily on this stuff,
    seems this is exactly what i am going to need to get questions/answers to customers, once i can get it up and running.

    have a question on the blogsite that i have established on my website.
    when folks register for the login and password do you folks issue the password or do I do that from my end?

    That’s all done from your end 🙂

    The password is generated automatically by your WordPress installation and (if all is working) sent be email to the person registering.

    guess that i will have to register another name from my pc to see if it is working, only way i know to find out.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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