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  • I’m having the ‘referrers’ issue that I have found plenty of information about. However, I an unable to resovle the problem. I have used many machines, different browers and all not behind a firewall. I tried the ‘fix’ for firefox and it still does not work. Is this a problem that is client based or server based? The only thing I can think of is maybe it is related to a switch in my php.ini that I am unaware of. It really doesn’t make sense if I am not behind a firewall of any kind, and have lowered all security settings on the browser, why it still says I need to “enable referrers”. This is extremely aggrivating, and seems not worth my trouble.
    I am at the point now that I am going to give up and use another blog software.
    If anyone could point out anything that I may be overlooking, it would be greatly appriciated.

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  • I’m not sure that this has anything to do with WordPress. I can certainly understand your frustration, though. Have you visited the #wordpress channel on and discussed this?

    I too am having this problem – I can see when I take everything off.. but my question more so is this:
    What is the point in using WP if no one can see my page if they have their security above “low”?
    Chances are, most people out there surfing around, or even reffered to my site arent going to have all of their settings low or off – so, is there not something to remedy this… I love WP – but it doesnt seem worth it if a major corner of viewers cant see anything but a white page when they hit my site. (?)

    Shakey, muze – couple of basic questions:
    1) Windows or Linux?
    2) MS Internet Server or Apache?
    3) What verison of PHP?
    4) What verison of WP?
    5) Is there a URL that we can visit?
    Armed with some of that info, we would be able to make a better assesment of the problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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