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  • Basically, I’ve just installed WP, and I have no idea as to how to use it!

    I was looking here:

    I basically just want my blog to show on the main page, and have a list of the categories and recent posts down the side, like that.

    However, I don’t just want the WP content to displayed, I want to integrate it with the rest of my site…like I’ve done with Cutenews;

    Are there any simple codes that can be put in that I can find anywhere? I’ve looked and can’t find any.

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  • Jem doesn’t use WordPress … I’m a little confused, do you want CuteNews to get it displayed? :S

    If you want WordPress’s categories et cetera, if you look through the default themes and such you should be able to find some categories() or something.

    Apologies, I don’t know it of the top of my head.

    I just meant that I wanted to add it like she has (though I assumed she doesn’t use WP).

    I currently use Cutenews, and adding that to your site (to display to visitors) is just a simple small code that you add in the position you want it to appear…I can’t find how to do that with WP.

    Wow…slow replies, here. Sorry.

    That’s pretty much exactly what I am talking about. :D:)

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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