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  1. MedoCancer
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I'm a web designer used to work with Dot Net Nuke CMS before i decide to switch to wordpress. with all do respect to all the documentations and videos allover the web but am getting so confused working with WP themes and plugins which directs me to ask for some help right here with wordpress advanced users & developers.

    well to make this clear, am designing a website which requires me to create a theme from scratch. i need to place a slideshow below the header which includes a horizontal navigation menu then add my data as posts into the content area as well as sidebar. the rest of the website will have the same design except the slideshow which is only in the home page or the front page. as an example look at this website http://www.lushconcepts.com
    just for the record that i plan to use a slideshow plugin instead of using flash.

    my question is: i got some tutorials of how transforming the html template to a wordpress with index, header, side bar & footer php files as well as creating the css, but the point is how should i deal with the slideshow area in order to use a slideshow plugin for wordpress ?! should i set it in the header area while it shouldnt appear in other pages or i have to create a special theme files dedicated to the homepage while the rest of the site uses the main files of the theme ?

    guys i'm all confused as i used this using the DNN CMS by setting the content areas which is totally different than WP that i'd love to use in my work. all the guidelines around are totally useful but none is directing me to what should i do exactly to make this work for me.

    i'm totally on fire waiting for a reply telling me what to do or at least directing me to a clear guideline that i can follow.

    thanks alot in advance,

  2. MattV
    Posted 5 years ago #

    should i set it in the header area while it shouldnt appear in other pages or i have to create a special theme files dedicated to the homepage while the rest of the site uses the main files of the theme ?

    DonĀ“t use header.php for your slideshow - this template will be used sitewide. Instead, create a home template. Either by creating an index.php or home.php (http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page)

  3. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I wouldn't recommend creating a home.php template file as this causes problems on some server. In WP 3x, the home page template should be called front-page.php

  4. MedoCancer
    Posted 5 years ago #

    1st off thanks alot both Mattv,esmi for your quick reply and help.. now let me please ask you as well as everybody right here to provide me a guideline for what i'm going to share below since my head already gonna explode of thinking as well as viewing alot of tutorials here & there in order to get the info i'm looking for..

    as i said earlier am designing a website the way illustrated via these images:

    i've just done designing and finalizing the website in the html format, but while converting the html to wordpress php files using wordpress codex and many other tutorials creating the header, index, sidebar & footer files i always get errors regarding the navigation menu which must be a multi-levels menu as the default one lookin in the twentyten theme which i created already using css. i also fail to create the sidebar the way it should be as well as the footer. with all do respect the wordpress codex but there's no specific code to add above or below the menu, the sidebar & footer to let me finish off this issue.. my problem is all about converting the html templates to 2 different templates as one for the main page and the other for the rest of the site.

    guys i know it'd be a big deal for me as well as many would tell me to find out a paid service to get the job done but still i've got the hope to get a solution tellin me "add this above"<nav> or below to get ur menu the way your're looking for", " add this code to your sidebar file above the widget area you're gonna use" right here.

    one last point, is it better for me to use a static menu instead of using the wordpress navigation system ?! i'm totally confused guys !

    thx alot in advance.. waiting for your reply wordpress experts..

  5. MedoCancer
    Posted 5 years ago #

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