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  • Maybe this isn’t a WordPress question per se, but I see a problem on many blogs including:
    where the title “The WordPress Community” is written in a nearly illegible font called “Radioactive” (probably a free font I found online).

    As far as I can tell the issue is with Safari (shows normally in Firefox), but I’ve gone to various blogs where sometimes an entire page is rendered with this particular font.

    I have 2 questions:

    1) I’m new to CSS (and I realize Safari isn’t the greatest browser). How can I be careful with my OWN css and make sure a proper font wll be displayed, not some random illegible font? Are there extra protections I can take to safeguard against font wierdness — even in uncompliant browsers? After seeing the same goofy font again and again I now realize it’s not just bad design, but the first couple of times I thought it was someone trying to be “artsy”.

    2) I’ve been all over the Safari preferences but find nothing that might trigger the “Radioactive” font. (I do not have a default CSS as far as I know). Aside from the obvious solution of deleting this font from my computer (yes, it occured to me 😉 ), can I convince Safari to choose a more legible font when it messes up?


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  • It just happened again on a site I admin. The only thing I can figure is that the author copy/pasted from Word and the following font tag was added before each paragraph:

    font face=”Times New Roman”

    because I am admin, I could edit and delete the unnecessary font tags. once tags were deleted the page showed as normal.

    I have the Times New Roman font installed, but that is not the font that is displayed.

    Any explanation or tips to override this font error? Is anyone here?


    After searching this site for “Times New Roman” I see someone else is getting font wierdness from copy/paste from Word. Since I am not the Author I can’t confirm this is what happened, but it seems likely, and I had read it can be a problem.

    I’ll disable her WISIWYG editor. Do you think that will prevent the extra font tags from appearing during copy/paste?

    The only other thing I can think of is to somehow disable any font tags within posts/pages, but not sure that is possible…. Maybe a plugin designed to react to specific tags in WP? Ever hear of such a thing?

    I’ll disable her WISIWYG editor. Do you think that will prevent the extra font tags from appearing during copy/paste?

    Yeah, it should.

    And copying/pasting from word processor docs straight into the WYSIWYG is certainly known to be fraught with peril — plenty of threads here discussing it!

    That being said, I’m not sure the font being Times New Roman is truly the issue though, there must be more to it. I’m willing to be wrong, but isn’t that font tops on most “web safe” fonts lists?

    Trying to recreate the problem on my end:
    I’m unable to get Word to add the font face tag through copy/paste. The most I can get is html formatting (ie: the br tag or the p tag), but it must have come from somewhere. Been playing with Word’s preferences which has MANY copy/paste options in various locations but haven’t recreated the problem yet on my Mac….

    Simply typing in a new font tag in post (without the WISIWYG) is also creating the problem:
    font face=”Times New Roman” gives me the crazy font,
    however, font face=”Verdana” shows the Verdana font as expected.

    I wouldn’t have thought it was the TNR font…. I have it installed. It seems just like every other font. I see TNR is the default font chosen by Word. I never would have noticed if it was changing TNR to Arial or Helvetica…. Odd that it consistantly uses Radioactive font instead. Makes me wonder if other fonts are substituted without me ever knowing….

    So far TNR shows wrong in Safari. Shows correctly in Firefox. I can’t get other fonts to show incorrectly. It doesn’t matter which Theme I use, even WP default theme shows this wierdness.

    WP is v2.05
    Safari is Version 2.0.4 (419.3)
    Mac is Intel running OS X 10.4.8

    Maybe Times New Roman safety is over rated? 🙁
    If I get curious I might try changing the CSS font to TNR and see if it happens without font tag….
    Will also try old style html page using font tags and see if it happens outside of WP….
    Also remove Radioactive from my font folder and see if some other font is substituted….

    Not sure what else to try…. Is TNR factory-installed on Mac, or is it installed with Word? Biggest worry is that some other visitors also will see some crazy bad font.

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