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  • Hi,

    I used the plugin as I have before but this time with the WP Image widget and when I do the page gets a PHP warning for illegal string offset on both height and width. See below:

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'height' in C:\Users\Craig\Documents\Websites\\wp-includes\media.php on line 989

    I am on PC running DesktopServer with Genesis Framework


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  • Please contact me, I’d love to fund you with 100 bucks to get this fixed earlier if that helps you anyhow.

    Plugin Author Benbodhi


    Thank you @matthias-reuter.
    I’m actively working on it as we speak.

    @benbodhi that’s awesome and money is out, really appreciate your ongoing support for this plugin.


    No news on this?

    Plugin Author Benbodhi


    Hi @webdados and everyone else,

    Sorry for the delay!
    I spent the whole day working on the plugin recently but didn’t quite get there. Hoping to be able to get it done in the coming week.

    Thanks so much for your patience! I’ll push out this update as soon as possible.

    This might be a core issue…

    Plugin Author Benbodhi


    That thread refers to third party code because WordPress doesn’t support SVG uploads by default.

    Plugin Author Benbodhi


    Ok everyone, thanks for your patience on this!

    Frustratingly, it was literally less than a minute worth of code to fix… which I figured out after a solid 20-30 hours fiddling with it. The joys of it all 🙂

    I’m happy to let you know that I’ve just pushed an update with this fix in it 2.3.13. Please do let me know if there is still issues… but I have tested pretty extensively and it seems to be resolved.

    Thanks @digimouse for opening this thread, taking the time to explain the issue and your patience while I found time to work on it.

    Thanks so much @matthias-reuter for your kind gesture of payment! I truly appreciate it and it’s by far the biggest donation I have ever received for this plugin.

    And finally, thanks to everyone else for your patience and support!

    I hope you all enjoy my plugin on many websites to come 🙂

    Great to hear you managed to get this fixed, superb plugin that for me is required on every site I build.

    Plugin Author Benbodhi


    Ok, I’m very sorry everyone, but there has been reports of this fix messing up some theme and builder compatibility. I had to decide which is the most important issue to address first. Being that this one is warnings, but the other reports are actual functionality, I have had to push out an update that addresses it for the breaking issues.

    So now, back to the drawing board on figuring out how to avoid the warnings/notices in the image widget usage.

    FYI: the change is so small. It’s literally just the one word on line 23 of svg-support > functions > attachment-modal.php, changing from 'full' to 'custom' fixed the warnings, but broke some other stuff with themes/builders.

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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