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  • I’m using this very popular WP theme. I’m getting the impression that the developer is done with it :(. I’ve seen several threads on here reporting problems with it, in particular since the release of WordPress 2.8.

    Some possibilities

    1. Another person takes over development of the theme.
    2. We form a group and try to help each other out and develop the theme between us.
    3. Or perhaps its time to reluctantly move ona nd find a theme that does work properly with IE8 and WordPress 2.8.

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  • You’re talking about this theme, right? Looking at the screenshots of some browser reveals that it seems to be working just fine with recent versions of IE, Opera and Firefox.

    Anyway, if the theme doesn’t work for you, I hope that there’s a similar theme that suits your needs. Sorry, but just can’t recommend one.

    Thanks. Yeah that’s the one. On the demo it may look alright but it’s definitely not working correctly with IE8. And now there are further problems since WordPress 2.8 came out. I guess I better look into another theme or else learn more about coding them myself, I prefer to avoid the latter though as I’ve got enough to try to sort out without reinventing the wheel.

    Yeah, this theme doesn’t work properly in 2.8

    Here’s some problems I found:

    1) Magazine and magazine-list style didn’t work at all until I disabled and re-enabled plugins.

    2) Categories don’t work for the magazine, m-list, or sidebar featured section

    3) Comments do not work, whenever someone tries to leave a comment it displays that they are disabled by author when in WordPress dashboard this is not the case.

    If you use this theme and have found any more bugs please post it

    The comments do not work only in posts. But on pages it works.

    Another bug is, that the wrong comments are displayed.

    I have tried to leave a message on the Ikarus website.
    But it seems to be under moderations. The last comment is from 31.March.

    Perhaps we should downgrade to WordPress 2.7. What you think?

    First problem solved.

    I have installed the WordPress Beta 2.8.2.
    Magazine and Magazine-List and categories work now.

    Comments still disabled.

    @fanterazzi – thanks for the update, are there no additional problems from the update?

    Since now no additional problems 🙂

    I posted this on the other thread too

    I’ve been recently informed through wordpress of the new update, WordPress 2.8.1 now available. Anyone know if this upgrade will make matters worse for my website with ikarus, or will it fix some of the bugs?

    Hey guys, I’m currently working on rebuilding and working on some updates to ikarus. If you guys can gather a list of all the probs you’re having and send em over to me (info @ wpthemespress dot com) would be awesome. Thanks for the continued support.

    I’m thinking about releasing a wider 2 col version.

    The columns are shifted to left in IE 8… Loks fine in Firefox and Safari.

    I’ve just noticed this problem.

    Comments work on “pages” but not on “posts” it shows them disabled by author.

    So have anyone resolve the comments issue?

    Well I’m giving up on Ikarus… anyone recommend a replacement theme?

    hello everyone. i found a work around to the comments issue. the clue is very obvious on my blog.

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