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  • Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone here used the Ikarus or Ikarus White wordpress theme in the new WP 2.8 and encountered any problems?

    I was previously using WP 2.7 but upgraded automatically over the weekend.

    It appears 2.8 has some compatibility issues with the Ikarus themes, especially in magazine and magazine-list mode. For whatever reason, when in magazine or m-list, the theme doesn’t display any posts on the page. Then when you go to Ikarus Options in the WP admin page, you can try to go to the pulldown menu to allow the main page to display a certain category of posts, but the category list doesn’t appear in the pulldown menu.

    I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this problem? Any help would be truly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Young Frank

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  • esmi


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    Have you tried deactivating all plugins?

    Also see:

    i tried that, and it is partially solved. the only problem that remains is the categories.

    i deactivated all plugins and the page wouldn’t load past the header. then i reactivated the ones that were previously on and it started to work partially. when in magazine or m-list mode, it now displays the posts.

    the only problem that remains is that in the ikarus options section in the wp-admin screen, it still cannot pick up on the categories.

    does anyone have a guess as to why that is?

    EDIT: here’s some screenshots of the ikarus options not showing categories like it should.

    Same problem.
    Do the same steps, to deactivate the plugins, but the categories dont appear.

    Also discovered another bug:

    Comments cannot be left by viewers – comments appear as disabled for the post when clearly in the dashboard comments are allowed.

    yes i am also facing same problem, as Comments cannot be left by viewers – comments appear as disabled for the post when clearly in the dashboard comments are allowed. i tried every possible stuff but still cannot figure out why COMMENTS ARE DISABLED BY AUTHOR.

    please check out at my-website

    Anybody solved this yet. Stating the obvious here perhaps but I’m guessing that the problem might have something to do with the comments.php file, as that is where the code snippet <?php else: ?><h2>Comments For This Post Topic Was Disable By Author</h2><?php endif; ?> in question gets executed.

    I’also have that problem with another theme? No solution get?

    I started a discussion post about Ikarus and the issues with it yesterday
    Anyone interested in discussing this instead of just having lots of seperate threads about Ikarus.

    I’ve been recently informed through wordpress of the new update, WordPress 2.8.1 now available. Anyone know if this upgrade will make matters worse for my website with ikarus, or will it fix some of the bugs?

    So have anyone resolve the comments issue?

    i have found a work-around to the comments issue! a plug in, check out my personal blog and go to any article and the answer is there.



    What is the plugin that you used? please advice?



    @n.v.m I’ve seen you post this twice now, I’ve checked out your site twice now (hope you’re happy w/ your 2 additional pageviews w/ zero ad revenue) please help us out or stop spamming.

    Hi all,
    he’s using the plugin “Intense Debate” which you can find here:

    I tried it, but it’s not working for me. I get stuck in the enabling process, which I assume it is because my blog is all new, I have no posts. Otherwise, it seems to be working fine for many.

    If any of you try it successfully, let us know what you did.


    can you not see that i installed IntenseDebate WordPress plugin? btw, all the “ads” you see are fake, i just put them there because of the template design, just filled in the spaces.

    seriously, i did not mean to “spam”. my blog is purely a hobby, to go along with my golfing experiences.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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