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  • Can anyone shed any light on this or help?

    I am Systems Manager at a small primary school – am using an old Windows 2003 server with IIS 6 to run a streaming media server, a wiki server (MediaWiki – also uses MySQL and PHP) and now hopefully WordPress. The PHP and SQL database are set up as well as I know how (I am a rank beginner) WordPress 2.3 installs but it runs so badly as to be unusable.

    Pages take 20 seconds or so to load, the themes only ‘skin’ the index.php page that appears before the user logs in (including the ‘admin’ user) otherwise the default theme persists, if you try to enable the caching plugins, the Options page for the plug-in is blank. I have completely removed the database, uninstalled and re-installed several times, each time with the same result. I am assuming there is a problem with filepaths somewhere but I don’t know where to start!

    As the other websites are already running under IIS, WordPress is in its own folder not wwwroot. I would like to get this to run smoothly a) without destroying the other sites on the IIS server and b) without having to resort to a hosted install but to keep a safe blogging environment for the kids to make errors that are kept within the school intranet.

    TIA for any assistance!

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