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    Trying to install 1.5 onto a Windows server at GoDaddy.
    After creating the database, I had to create a DSN ?
    “DSN: mysql_xxxx.dsn”

    I got an error that mySQL was missing, but this post got the installation completed:
    There were many many errors about tables, but it did install and phpmyadmin shows all is good.

    The url to the blog was set wrongly, and kept defaulting to root so I had to load options.php directly, change it there and save.

    The problem right now is that clicking “Plugins” gets me this:
    “Couldn’t open plugins directory or there are no plugins available.”
    I can’t CHMOD on IIS (can I ?) and I have tried various things to sort it (seeing as I’m shooting in the dark some here):
    – plugins.php from svn code does not work.
    – the fixed login issues from do not help (not that I thought they would, but doesn’t hurt to try eh ?)
    – all searches here result in dead threads
    – codex has nothing ?

    The infophp has these which may be needed ?
    getmyinode, getopt, getrusage, extension_loaded, dl, mysql_pconnect, crack_check, crack_closedict, crack_getlastmessage, crack_opendict, fsockopen, pfsockopen, mysql_list_dbs, mysql_stat, ini_get, ini_get_all, ini_alter, ini_set, get_current_user, get_defined_constants, get_include_path, php_ini_scanned_files, php_uname, phpcredits, restore_include_path, set_include_path, set_time_limit, version_compare, zend_version, getmypid, getmyuid, getmygid, assert_options, assert, fopen, fwrite, fread, file, fpassthru, file, mail, opendir, readdir, closedir

    Also, the Dashboard shows no feeds and the confirmation mail was not sent.

    Does anyone have anything to help ?
    (Apologies if I have missed anything.)

    Or is this just a very restrictive hosting situation ?

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  • Seems pretty restrictive.

    This sort of error happens to me on IIS when I don’t add read permission for the web user to files that I add to the site. Note that the web user may be a different user than the one that is used for FTP. Usually the username starts with “IUSR_”, and often on hosting accounts the rest is the name of the domain.

    I just tested my hypothesis by removing the read permissions (explicitly denying them, actually) to the plugins directory for my IUSR_EMPIRE2 user, the web server user for my desktop system. I see this message in WordPress: “Plugins are files you usually download separately…Couldn’t open plugins directory or there are no plugins available.”

    How you can set this permission on a Go Daddy server, though, may be a question for Go Daddy support.

    It’s also possible that WordPress uses one of those restricted functions to gather plugins. A brief look-through of the source doesn’t yield any hits though, and I would think you’d see a PHP error instead of a friendly WordPress message if this was the case, but you never know.

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    That’s an insanely restrictive setup you have there. “fopen, fwrite, fread, file” all forbidden? “mail” forbidden? You really need to contact them and get them to lift some of those restrictions. You’re not going to be able to do much if you can’t even read files.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Thanks for the replies guys !

    I’ve passed this on and if I hear anymore I’ll update the thread.

    any news back on this? I’ve had the same problem……

    I have meet the same problem and I have got a fix for that.
    Please see full post here.

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