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  1. rpederson
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hey all,

    I've got WordPress running on a server inside my network as http://server/techcorner, and my company web site is running accessible to the internet as http://mycompany.com (IIS6). There is no direct access to my XAMPP server from the internet. Is there a way I can redirect http://mycompany.com/techcorner to http://server/techcorner without the client on the internet needing to connect directly to my XAMPP server?

    I have tried the options in IIS6 that redirect a virtual directory to another URL, but they just redirect internet clients from http://mycompany.com/techcorner to http://server/techcorner and they of course cannot connect.

    I hope this question makes sense. I'm sure this problem isn't WordPress specific, but there's gotta be someone else around who has managed to figure this one out. :)

    Thanks in advance,


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