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  • I installed WordPress, but when trying to display admin.php I get “HTTP Error 500.0 – Internal Server Error”. My problem is that I have so little knowledge of the processes involved that I do not know where to begin looking or testing; so I hope someone here would be willing to give me some clues.
    My system: Windows XP, IIS Express 7, Visual Studio 2010 Express.
    I installed Brandoo wordpress (for mssql), using Microsoft Web Platform installer. On the face of it, everything went fine: it created a ‘wordpress’ folder under wwwroot and localhost.config was automatically adapted; it now contains a ‘wordpress’ website (on port 1310), which does indeed start up. It also installed a second instance of SQLExpress 2008 (I already ran a default instance), with a database wordpress958. (This database contains no tables, but I have no idea whether it is supposed to.)
    More details about the error: Module: FastCgiModule; Notification: ExecuteRequestHandler; Handler: PHP_via_FastCGI; Error Code: 0x800700c1
    I very much hope someone can provide some clues about where to start looking.

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  • Thanks for your answer; some very helpful tips under the link you provided. However, the install procedure is only a little bit different from what I did and I rather doubt if the difference could be responsible for the error. I now think it is not an issue of WordPress but of PHP, as the simplest ‘hello world’ PHP script gave me the same error. What I’d like to know is whether php-cgi.exe, when executed directly, is supposed to give the error ‘not a valid win32 application’, but I guess that this forum is not the best place to ask this 🙂

    Yeah. Check with the PHP folks – – for information on supporting PHP on your specific server configuration.

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