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    I have an on-going issue with my website. WebsiteA is my main site, I use godaddy hosting windows IIS ultimate, WordPress platform. When I create another site using my hosting account, for instance, websiteB, when I click on it’s url, it just redirect itself to websiteA each time. Then, what I did was I installed wp-multisite, followed the instructions, and voila! it worked fine. But I have another problem… The permalinks are not working whenever I customize the url. When I used the default given url by wordpress, it works, but… when I customize the url of a post, for instance, websiteB/postA it doesn’t work and just redirect itself to websiteA again. Please Help…

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  • This is not a problem restricted to the GoDaddy windows servers. I have had problems for 3-4 days now and have spend countless hours on hold with GoDaddy. They are hands down the worst hosting company out there today. The range of excuses runs the full gambit and come full circle if you keep calling them. When I first called the sites I have (six in total) were on a windows server. All crashed at the same time and I had made no changes to ANY of the sites. When I first called I was told that the server load on the server my sites were on was high today and that there were a few sites in particular causing high traffic. GoDaddy stated that they reached out to those businesses to reduce their load on the server. A few hours later I called again and was told that my website was on a very old server and that the server was having problems and they asked to migrate me two steps up to a better windows server. I did that and received confirmation that the migration was complete, but that did not fix the problem with any of the sites, which again, I did not touch or change. When I inquired as to why the problem was continuing I received an email at 1:36pm yesterday that stated there was a heavy load on the server my sites were hosted on and that they were working to resolve this. Obviously, we have come full circle in their excuses and they are providing nothing more than canned responses.

    Last night I completed the migration to a Linux server because I was told by GoDaddy that WordPress does not work on Windows servers. Obviously I told them they were lying, AGAIN. Then they came back and said, well they run “better” on Linux. Last night I was migrated to Linux and my sites all worked well for an hour or so and then today they are all crashing or running very slow. Once again, have not changed a thing on any of the sites.

    My sites were running fine for months and without issue. I made no changes to cause all six to crash. While they blame WordPress and a host of other issues, the theme here is that the problem is GodDaddy. Today we are up to 30 minutes on hold and counting.

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