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  • I have WordPress 3.3.1 installed on server 2008r2 running iiS 7.5 installed using the Microsoft WebMatrix link. I installed WP using defaults and configured as “localhost”. I followed the instructions for configuring multisites to the letter (several times).

    Here’s my problem. When I add a 2nd site “localhost/wordpress/fcs” it completes without errors but it doesn’t create any folders/files on the iiS server. I’ve googled the He double LL out of the internet and this site but can’t find what I’m obviously missing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • update to first post: on my default site I can add additional pages but they also don’t create files. If I click the tab on main page I get a 404 error.

    Update to first post: I’m on my 50th reinstall (thanks to Hyper-V).

    Installed WP as a new site and disabled the default web site in iiS.

    I can create pages on my root site but as soon as I enable multisite all previously created pages and all new pages display a “404 – File or directory not found.”

    I’m completely stumped. Anyone have an idea to what I’m doing wrong?

    Update: I found that I was using the incorrect link on M$’s /web/wordpress URL. I installed a webmatrix copy of wordpress but it’s not what I’m actually looking for. The webmatrix install assigns a random port# to the site which makes it difficult/impossible to configure “multisite” networking.

    Still looking for some advice on how to install WP 3.3.1 to a local server running W2k8r2 and iiS 7.5

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi same problem here, i cant find any posts to solve this…
    the only difference i try with Top level domains and not sub-domains.

    1.I’ve managed to create a network,
    2.I’ve set up few top level domains.
    3.i guessed for some reason that i should change IIS path bindings to the primary folder of all subdomains, and when i request EXAMPLE.COM/INDEX.PHP the index.php page loads,
    4.However all other routes & links are broken,
    5.i get the redirect loop (reauth=1) when ever trying to log in to other top level domain.
    6.I’ve tried setting URL routes in web config and set route following this post:

    If any one could shed more light on how to run multi site wordpress on iis that would be very helpfull

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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