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  • (Y) moshu 🙂 sorry i dont read comments usually …

    it was just today that i was testing if i’m still in peace with w3c 🙂 that i saw this error .

    anyway ,Thank’s again.



    sorry i dont read comments usually …

    you should read comments, a lot of times they contain quite a bit of useful info & that’s particularly true with posts regarding any theme/plugin etc. since others using it might’ve posted their problem(s) & their solutions might exist there, which may be the ones you are looking for!! 🙂

    iG:Syntax Hiliter v3.5 is now available for download with more stuff, 2 new languages(Ruby & MySQL) and bugfixes. 🙂 It has been tested for compatability with both WP1.5.2 and WP2.0.1!!

    Thanks amit for such a well written and thought out plugin. Geshi is great and I am glad I can use it in wordpress.

    an update is coming, so hold onto your horses!! 🙂

    I noticed the message from Amit on the manual.

    Also a WYSIWYG editor(like the one bundled with WP2.x) will probably mess up your code when you paste it in the editor. So if you are having that issue, then please don’t report it as a bug or anything, its not a bug on the part of this plugin.

    The plugin works fine for me for all the cases except xml messages.

    For example. Let’s say that I have an xml message


    I take the above code and put it in the WYSIWYG editor of WP2.x and I hit submit. I get the required result on the page.

    But let’s say that I need to change the tag from “test1” to “test2”. Now when I open up the message on WYSIWG editor there is no “test1”. If I look at the html code again there is no ‘test1’.

    I’m just wondering for a large xml files how do rest of the wordpress users go about formatting their code.

    As I mentioned everything else works fine. It’s just that with xml messages I’m struggling.


    Looks like there is a bug on code in comments:

    as you can see, there’s a different output for comments.

    Robert, that’s not a bug as per my knowledge. Its a problem with CSS & which only you can fix since its dependent on the theme being used on a blog!! 🙂

    I just don’t seem to get it. Life was great in 1.5.2. Now, I can’t even seem to upload a file and make it work. I’ve pasted some simple code below that when I upload into the new 2.0.2 editor, it seems to kill it. Is this code correct for the plugin 3.5 I just installed?


    Here is some XML

    <textBox id=”ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_TextBoxUserSearch”>
    <textChangedBehavior timeout=”100″
    changed=”onTextChange” />

    function onTextChange() {
    __doPostBack(‘ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_GridViewMemberUser’,”) ;


    Ok fixed it… nm… I posted that when rather tired. 😉

    Please ignore my rant above. The WISWIG editor (when I was pressing the HTML button) was eating my code). I’ve switched to non-wISWIG and am very happy.

    I do have another question (hope you havent’ stopped reading). How can change the default width of the box the code lands in?

    Thanks and I love the plain text button. Had to see it to get it.


    It’s me Back again. Everything worked great in my test system because I have both my wordpress files and URL one level from the main. That is: for the wp files and for the URL of the blog.

    In my production, I have wp files at and I have the reference URL for the blog set to

    This causes the highlighter plugin to fail. I get javascript errors on my browser and the nice frame around the text doesn’t show up.

    Is there a workaround for this?

    Thanks. (spent almost all day narrowing the problem down to this)

    How can change the default width of the box the code lands in?

    there’s “syntax_hilite_css.css” file for that in the CSS folder. open that & edit away. be sure not to mess around since you are on your own in that case!! 😛

    as for your other problem, I’ll look into it to see if there’s a fix available!! 🙂


    Is there a way of using HTML entities in code and have it translated before presentation?


    Array.Sort<Pass>((results, ComparePass);

    I cannot use the real < and > characters since WordPress will mistake them for XHTML tags and modify case, insert closing tags, etc…



Viewing 15 replies - 46 through 60 (of 103 total)
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