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  • “Unknown host”

    check your connection again. The webserver is online & accessible. Try instead of just putting 🙂

    It was inaccessible for awhile, at least the actual download. Seems fine now.

    I have followed the directions in the manual but am encountering the following error when trying to use the plugin.
    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: geshi in (path)/syntax_hilite.php on line 31
    Any thoughts?

    Have you followed the directions in the Manual word-to-word?
    The syntax_hilite.php file should be in your plugins directory.
    Before activating the plugin, change $pPath variable to the physical path to the directory(wp-includes recommended) where you uploaded the geshi directory & geshi.php, also note that relative paths won’t work.

    Yes I followed the directions in the manual word for word.
    The syntax_hilite.php file was in my plugins directory and was activated. I changed $pPath however I may have messed this step up, as I don’t comletely understand physical path. Lets say that the geshi.php and geshi directory are in What should this line be.
    I have a feeling I have it correct at the moment because otherwise I recieve many more errors on all of my blog pages. But who knows, I am pretty slow sometimes.

    The site’s not coming up for me, either. The domain name isn’t resolving in my browser, nor can I ping it. It just times out.
    Looks like your site’s either down, or a router is down between me and your site.


    as I don’t comletely understand physical path

    Create a new PHP file & copy the following code in it.

    echo $pPath;

    Name this file as path.php & place it the same directory where you have placed geshi.php & the geshi directory. Call this file in the browser. So if you have placed this file in the wp-contents directory, then you call it as Copy whatever the file outputs on screen, & remove path.php from its end. Now you have the physical path of the directory where geshi.php & geshi directory resides. Place this path in the $pPath variable of your syntax_hilite.php file. Just make sure that it has no spaces at either end of it & it ends with a trailing slash(/).

    Looks like your site’s either down, or a router is down between me and your site.

    The site isn’t down or I would have known. I’ve got 5 website monitoring services checking on it all the time. 🙂 Looks there’s a problem with the router between you & the website.

    hrm why isn’t my code color coded? test

    i tried apply the filter to comment_text but it seems to work differently…

    This version conflicts with Textile 2 (improved)
    Results in recursive looping output.

    Also, is there a way you can add in functionality to make optional the prefix “CSS:” or “HTML:” for the block of code being hilited? I really hate that big, bold “CSS:” that automatically gets stuck before my code. I mean, if I’m talking about CSS, it’s obviously going to be CSS in the code block – no need to reiterate.

    Yeah, I just added a little conditional jiggery-pokery along with an additional constant & we’re it’s all better w/ the prefix text. Any word as to the next update?

    well, as I’ve been a bit busy for the past week, the work on next version has really slowed down. 🙁
    But I’ll try to release it ASAP.

    I’ve just released iG:Syntax Hiliter v2.0 Preview. It has new GeSHi core(v1.0.1) & has line numbering by using Ordered Lists & it prevents formatting of your code by WordPress. More info & download link at

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 103 total)
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