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  1. yallways
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I've attempted to use this plugin on various Buddypress sites and each attempt was on a different server. Despite the fact that several people have reported their entire site crashing upon installing this plugin, it seems to be the only reports that are completely ignored by the creator of this plugin. Therefore, I can only assume that he/she can't figure it out and a person's site crashing is not his concern. On all attempts to install this plugin, it does the same thing for me. If you can't figure out what the problem is, then at least have the balls to aknowledge that you are aware of the problem... and notify people how to fix the issue if it happens to them. For some of us, fixing this issue is obvious but other's may not even be aware of the FTP protocol and such because their servers install WordPress for them. You have indicated you incompetance by ignoring these people. SHould you continue to do so now by just coming up with some kind of hateful response, or are you going to try and pretend you actually have some concern for this issue? I'll give this one star and raise it only after the problem has been aknowledged properly.


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