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  1. Pemberton_
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I don't quite now how to word this and I wasn't sure how to search for an answer, hopefully someone here can help me.

    I have WordPress installed in the root directory. I use BBClone for my website statistics which is located in /statistics

    I modified it to work by placing this tracking code in wp-blog-header.php

    define("_BBC_PAGE_NAME", get_bloginfo("name") . wp_title("/", false));
            define("_BBCLONE_DIR", "statistics/");
            define("COUNTER", _BBCLONE_DIR."mark_page.php");
            if (is_readable(COUNTER)) include_once(COUNTER);

    Now, this seems to work fine apart from one thing. Each time I view the statistics I get an entry of Page Not Found in BBClone because in WordPress there won't be a post or page called Statistics (if you get what I'm saying =/).

    It also creates a problem when I try to use iBBClone. iBBclone tries to access the file /statistics/api/getLast.php but this is returned with a 404 in WordPress (again, because there is no post or page with this title, right?

    Can I just get WordPress to completely ignore the statistics folder and its sub directories? Or some sort of work around?

    I could potentially solve the first problem by manually adding tracking code in everyone of my posts...but that's not the easiest of things to do.

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