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  • I’ve recently been tasked with what initially seemed fairly simple: from one web application my company is running, create an iFrame and load content from our WP blog which will now function as a help system. Easy business since I know how to load iFrames and pages and blah blah blah…….

    …..Authentication! Crap!

    So our blog requires authentication because, naturally, it includes trade secrets that if anyone knew we’d all be broke. So my question is: how can I load an authenticated page into my iFrame? Here’s some problems:

    – We aren’t using PHP for anything, so making a direct call to the WP database and authenticating (or simply pulling the information from the server) is out of the question.

    – The web app and blog are on two different boxes.

    – I’m new to WP. Like brand new. Like get me a baby hat and booties because my feet are cold, new.

    I’m not new to web stuff at least. In fact I’m a 15 year web designer veteran. So the question is:

    Can I pass the authentication information inside my URL in a way that WP will understand? Do I need a plugin for this? If I can do this, I can simply feed my iFrame the appropriate URL with the Authentication information right there and be on my way.

    Please help!

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  • I’m going to take a stab at a possible solution. It’s only an idea. Basically whenever I set up an iframe within another site, I use .htaccess rules to make sure that the person who is trying to access the iframe is being referred from the main site otherwise their redirected to another location. There’s also iframe flags that might be utilized as well, though, that might cause problems depending on the browser of the user.

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