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  • I’ve tried to Google and can’t find a definitive answer. I’d like to edit a template so that the main content is contained within a ‘fixed vertical height’ area.

    Similar to this:

    I realize that website is built using Flash, but I couldn’t find an example of WP website that uses an iframe. What are the pros/cons of doing such a thing with a template and how difficult it might be to implement into existing template. Is it SEO friendly and considered ‘good’ design?

    Any advice and opinions are appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

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  • That site doesn’t use iframes. It’s all Flash-based. While SEO for Flash is getting better, it’s still nowhere near as good as it should be compared to standard HTML sites.

    You can set up a theme to have a header and footer that are set on the users page, and set the content up between these and have the overflow scrolling without the header and fooer moving. There’s a fair bit of CSS trickery involved, but it’s possible and will give alot better SEO then Flash or iframes ever will.

    Thanks for the response catacaustic.

    Yes, I know that site uses flash. That’s why I specifically stated “I realize that website is built using Flash, but…” LOL.

    I will try what you suggested and see what happens.

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