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  • Hi I have been looking into this for over a week and have even pestered a plugin provider for an answer but I have been unable to get this working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    It is apparently possible to dynamically resize iframes based on the size of the browser? especially without scroll bars! I’m trying to include an iframe on a mobile browser website powered by wp-touch. The issue is as follows:

    if you view the actual site on your mobile (not mobile enhanced), you see the iframe displayed in all its glory as everything is smaller to fit the browser window. However, when you use a mobile enhanced website plugin (in this case wp-touch) the pixel width is set a lot smaller i.e. smaller than the iframe itself, so you get a blown up version of the iframe meaning you only get to see little bit of the frame.

    for an example you can visit the following two links on my main website and on my testing website from your iphone or android phone:

    any advice would be greatly appreciated, I understand its an unusual issue but I’m certain there will be solution… hopefully the solution will be mobile compatible.



    The response I got from wp-wouch was: To me it can be done no doubt, but we just can’t provide an automatic solution that’s going to work for everyone, so we leave iframes as they are.

    so there is hope 🙂

    I’m refusing to buy the upgraded plugin if I am unable to get the frames working though as without the frames, my website is pointless 🙁

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