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  • iframe – white background in IE
    Wordpress 2.8.4
    Theme – MyPapers 1.7

    I created a page in wordpress admin –
    in the text area the only is: <iframe src=”” border=0 width=480 height=560 frameSpacing=0 frameBorder=0></iframe>

    In Opera – everything is fine.
    But in IE (7.0.5730 and others IEs) background is white, not transparent as it should be!
    Would some one please help to solve that problem?…

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  • To the best of my knowledge, the background colour/transparency of an iframe is not defined in the HTML standards that browsers follow. The reason is pretty obvious: the src= for iframe normally specifies a source of HTML (.html, .php that generates HTML, etc.), rather than the directory listing of a folder/subdomain, as in your case. That HTML would itself define or default to a background colour.

    The only solution that I’m aware of would be to figure out a way to generate a directory/folder listing for that subdomain, within WordPress and replace the iframe with that information. I’d start by looking for plug-ins and, if you don’t find one, write your own php code to do it.

    unfortunately, I’m not good in writing codes.

    as for searching – doing it, but, till now – without success… 🙁

    The simple approach would be to use WordPress to edit your existing home page to include your own list of music links. Either by typing in all the titles and URLs (perhaps as a bulleted list), or by some clever cutting and pasting from your existing directory displayed on your web site.

    Making a box that you can scroll would be more difficult, and would involve the use of frames. The tough part, in my experience, is keeping the header and footer off the embedded frame page.

    Most sites I’ve seen with that much music use some sort of embedded media player (“jukebox”) that lets you scroll through the available music. And there are lots of plug-ins for that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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