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  1. bucky
    Posted 11 years ago #

    I'm wishing for a toolkit/plugin that:

    * creates floating/draggable iframes within the context of a blog entry (think of an intermediary window that provides extra info, perhaps links to follow, sort of Wiki-like, but not involving popup/external browser windows)
    * stores the data for a sub-post within a hidden DIV in a blog entry
    * javascript/css architecture that is generalized to allow simultaneous draggable windows (from the same blog entry, from different blog entries, etc.)

    See my longer writeup at IFrame Sub-Posts?

    The overall idea is to have a mechanism for easily making "for more info..." windows within the existing browser page (you could also think of "tooltips++"). Something that is used sparingly.

    quick last note: I advocate storing the "sub-post" material within a hidden DIV within a blog entry. This has an obvious drawback of tying the sub-post to one entry. The next logical iteration is to decouple them, but I suspect that has somewhat involved architectural implications.

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