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  • vitorcervi


    Hi, there.
    I’ve got this problem with my site and nobody I know has never seen anything like this, so I thought it would be good to ask. I’ve installed wordpress via mediatemple to put a blog inside my site. The blog is located on an iframe, so to avoid scrolling I used a javascript to get the blog height and put it on the iframe. Also I put the blog inside my domain, so there are no security issues for the script to find the information. No big deal till then. My problem starts when I type the address in the browser. When I type the address everything works just fine, but if I type the same address with “www”(, the blog gets cropped, the iframe does not get it’s height. It’s weird. I can’t get to fix it. I’ve contacted mediatemple and they’ve proved the problem it’s not theirs, cause both addresses are sending exactly the same amount of data and the same number of items.
    I’m not a programmer, so there must be something wrong with my code I think. Anyway, if anyone can help me all you gotta do is check the page source on the address I told.

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