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  • Hello!
    I am using wordpress 1.5.2 with the wysiwyg editor from My question is not only about the plugin so I placed it in this forum. I already asked at but I got no answer yet.
    I want to use iframes in my posts and I would like to use a graphical editor like the one above mentioned. Writing the iframe code in the standard code editor of wordpress 1.5.2 works fine, but the rest of the editing is like reading a website with notepad, so i would like to use grahical editing and still being able to use the iframe element. It does not work with the standard wysiwyg editor of wp2.0, so I think I have to use a plugin that supports it. At the moment when I paste the code in the source view of any wysiwyg editor it is automatically deleted.

    does anyboy know a plugin which meets my expectations? (And i do not want to write the post with the graphical editor, then deactivate the plugin edit the post again and paste the iframe code into it, as i do now)

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  • Personally i cannot help u much. Since i landed on this page by googling ”iframes in wordpress”.

    I just have a question for you…

    How do you insert an iframe in wordpress ?

    I am planing on making a gallery in wordpress and when the thumbnails are clicked it would display an external link instead of the gallery…

    Is that possible ?

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