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  1. Darfuria
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I've got a few bits of template functionality in PHP files that I call in using include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/path/to/file'); however, I want to prevent those bits of code from being included on certain pages.

    I've added the below code to my template, and that prevents the code from being included on the specified page.

    if (!is_page(1)) { include (TEMPLATEPATH . 'path/to/file'); }

    However, if I try to exclude multiple pages, or a combination of pages and categories, it stops the code from working completely, using the below code:

    if (!is_page(1) || !is_page(2)) { include (TEMPLATEPATH . 'path/to/file'); }

    if (!is_page(1) || !is_category(1)) { include (TEMPLATEPATH . 'path/to/file'); }

    Is there a correct/better way of doing this?


  2. try:
    if ( !(is_page(1) || is_page(2)) ) { include (TEMPLATEPATH . 'path/to/file'); }

  3. Darfuria
    Posted 4 years ago #

    That excludes it on page 1 and includes it on page 2

  4. check the brackets:
    if ( !( is_page(1) || is_page(2) ) ) { include (TEMPLATEPATH . 'path/to/file'); }

    this is inside the if:

    !( is_page(1) || is_page(2) )

  5. demetris
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Darfuria, see:


    Conditonial tags like is_page() can take a list of parameters passed in an array. E.g., you can write your condition like this:

    !is_page(array('1', '2', '3'))

    The article on Conditional Tags has several examples and explanations.

  6. Darfuria
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @demetris - Ah, that resolves my issue when using multiple pages - thanks

    @alchymyth - that seems to have fixed it for now. Brilliant, thanks!

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