If/how to use personal mysql database tables within wordpress (3 posts)

  1. NJHeart2Heart
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    I am very new to WP, having just successfully installed and tested (meaning I can create posts, etc.) the latest build of WP on my mac laptop via MAMP.

    My goal for some time has been to create a personal website which primary purpose is to display photos and stats of model horses and which allow a user to pick and sort through my collection, by, say, model name, color, manufacturer, etc.

    I initially tried to learn php/mysql, in hopes of creating a "from scratch " site but got really bogged down in the code needed to secure such a site. I have already created a database (through phpmyadmin) with several tables that all relate to my model horse collection. Ideally I would like to create a simple template page which would have fields that would pull the data from my tables to fill in the page.

    Is there a way to integrate my tables with WordPress in this way? If so, would I need to create my own php code to pull the information? and if so, how to I integrate that into the CMS structure of WP?

    Thanks for any help.
    Dawn in NJ

  2. esmi
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  3. NJHeart2Heart
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    Thanks for the quick response. Yikes. Back to the schoolhouse for me!

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