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  • And so, having used a 3/2 col theme, the time has come to move back to a 2 column design.

    That said, things are a little bit different to the usual 2 column blog but rather than me rambling on, why not take a look yourself?

    Feedback and thoughts are welcome. I’ve tested it in IE6 & FF but I’m interested in finding out how it looks in other browsers, especially Safari.

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  • very nice. I love how the current post sits in the black section, and recent entries sit in the gold area. Afraid I can’t offer any Safari help, but suffice to say it looks awesome in FF!!

    However, I’m not too sure about the change of colour of the text in the ‘shorts’ sidebar on mouseover. On the other hand, it does mean focus is drawn away from the shorts until it is required. Oh, what the hell, great job!

    Thanks for the kind words:-)

    ” it does mean focus is drawn away from the shorts until it is required.”
    Yep, that was my intention. I wanted to, not so much draw attention away from the shorts but more highlight the main post. I have, however, modified the hover effect to act on the paragraph rather than the whole shorts section so it should be less distracting.

    looks good in safari. My only gripe would be the a:hover underline on the entire main entry/grey area. It is somewhat distracting. I love the rest of the site, and the colors!



    Is it possible to download this theme?



    Didn’t expect to see this post bumped up again; it’s been a while:)

    “Is it possible to download this theme?”
    Sorry, unfortunately this theme is for personal use only.



    I missed it the first time around, somehow…. it’s great, ifelse! Very nice, very special…. don’t blame you for keeping it close!



    Thanks Vkaryl:)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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