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  • Horrible, horrible documentation, don’t even think about using this if you’re a user without any WordPress knowledge and just want a easy to install and implement plugin.

    After trying to make the thing work with a custom theme, I gave up. There are pretty much a lot of other better E-Cart/Commerce plugins out there that don’t make you shred your hair follicles as much as this.

    I’m pretty sure they made the documentation cluttered and hard to read so they can earn money through “1-on-1 Premium Support”, which costs you $47 a QUESTION. Yes, that’s right. ONE support question costs you $47 before your shop even sees a sale.

    Online help is limited as well because nobody (except the developers) know how to use the plugin themselves.

    Just because they have lots of downloads doesn’t mean they’re going to be good (that’s what I found out, sadly).

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  • I agree it’s a sh*tty (really… really… sh*tty) plugin, but I don’t see why you’re shocked about the cost of support.

    I had my dishwasher fixed recently. It cost £120 and that’s with a warranty for the parts. So that money just covered the cost for a serviceman to come to take a look and for their labour. They certainly wouldn’t do it for free — despite the fact their damn product wasn’t working properly.

    So my question is why do you expect others to give their time for free just because it’s a virtual product rather than physical..?

    I’m guessing it’s because there is constantly something wrong with WP E-commerce, and even if it’s a bug on their end, you will still pay $47 pretty often to try to get it resolved. Assuming they even respond to your question in the first place.

    There’s rather a large difference between a dishwasher and a wordpress plugin. Particularly this wordpress plugin, which is buggy as hell. Save yourself the effort and get woocommerce instead.

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