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  • First off I gave it 3 stars because what you have here is a 5 star plugin that you cant figure out how to use….

    The plugin certainly is probably one of the most capable, but if you’re not a wordpress or php expert you should run away instead of wasting anymore time.

    Virtually any tutorial on their site is for ancient wordpress themes like 2010, 2011 – huh? And none of them really tell you what to do accurately. Even if there is some code example they pretty much leave it up to guessing about what you would do with that code, where you would put it, etc. is all left up to the imagination of the user.

    If you want to do anything like take all of those custom fields you created and use them to create a front end form forget about it if you want to try to copy and past their example – it doesn’t work – you need secret knowledge but what do you expect when all the tutorials reference themes that are YEARS old.

    It seems that any time anyone asked for specific code examples to make something as seemingly doable as using their software to make a front end form using the custom fields you created – the person answering the question would just point them back at the same not working tutorial.

    I’ve tried for days myself to figure out the missing links which will allow me to do this but i can’t. Reading the documentation is a combination of guessing and searching and getting it wrong countless times because they will not show you how to use the plugin properly.

    I understand they probably want to sell something that makes it more user friendly, fine, but with this much hassle on this end i just cant see doing it.

    If you want a front end form with custom fields and you’re not psychic about how to write the code – save yourself and spend $50 for a solution that you are able to use.

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  • Maybe install Gravity Forms to develop a front-end form. ACF is maybe a bit full-on for what you’re trying to achieve (hammer>nut?). Don’t knock the developer because you chose the wrong solution.

    I agree with bradcamis & like myself, am not knocking the developer – but some walk-through instructions should be pretty much a given – I’ve wasted half a day trying to work this out (a plugin should make life easier!) and would politely suggest the developer gets someone to write a decent user instruction manual. This would benefit everyone concerned & increase usage as well as avoiding much time wasted.

    bradcamis, you’re trying to get this plugin to do something it wasn’t intended for!

    ACF isn’t meant to create front-end forms, its for adding custom fields to the back-end admin.

    As doza said, if you want to create front-end forms you should use a plugin designed for that purpose – you can’t go wrong with Gravity Forms, but there are also free form builders if you do a search.
    I’ve used User Submitted Posts Lite version, or if you’re looking for contact forms try Contact Form 7 or Fast Secure Contact Form.

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