• This plugin has just saved me days worth of work building out a huge mega menu of countries and districts of the world, each with it’s own URL parameter to trigger an action on a map.

    To bulk edit this project, I used google sheets (excel would work too) to create a 4 column spreadsheet:

    1. Column A contained 1 empty cell then double spaces below (double space = sub menu item)
    2. Column B contains the country menu title
    3. In column C I used CONCATENATE to combine column A & B to generate the text that I then pasted into the Bulk Menu Creator app.
    4. The finally column D contains the link

    Simply copy and paste column C into the Menu items labels, and column D into the Menu items URLs.

    I made the mistake of missing the top link the first time, but the delete button that comes with this amazing plugin makes correcting it a 10 second job breeze.

    Absolutely amazing app, one of the best time saving plugins on WordPress if you want to create and edit large menus.

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