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  • Just trying to get this thing set up was like pulling teeth. I gave up in the end.

    Instructions are greek and why I am having to come up with descriptions for the app submission when all I want is to get the wordpress app working.

    I even added a pic, 1024 square as requested only to be told when trying to upload that I needed to have it on a transparent background. Information that would have come in handy before I spent ten minutes creating it the first time.

    Clear instructions that can be followed by those who are not super geeks for this stuff might make the process worthwhile.

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  • 100% agree with fawkesblog2
    its crazy that the biggest site on the internet cant play nice with the most popular web platform on the internet having the worst wordpress. With all their employees and piles of money you would think they could develop a decent integration that is easy to use.. in fact why do we even need both a wordpress app and a facebook app in the first place, facebook apps should be for ahhh facebook aps….

    As a facebook shareholder and user I say get your wordpress plugin sorted out and remove the need for a facebook app!

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