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  • Customizr is a great looking theme!
    Does loads of useful things. Probably makes the tea and walks the dog too. In fact this theme was just what I was looking for, well almost. But as a person who has intermediate HTML and intermediate CSS skills and who is not a developer, I would not recommend it for beginners with no or little development skills like myself. TAKE NOTE: After some frustration I thought for what it’s worth I would share my ‘new user’ experience.

    I simply wanted to make what I thought were simple changes, like insert some copy to a specific point on the home page (e.g. below the slider / above the featured pages block). For me a website home page is tited / named ‘index.html’. Yay, simple I thought. I’m a ‘drag-n-drop’ kind of lady. So rather then quickly pop a bit of copy directly onto the home page there is advice on making a ‘child’ theme. What a hassle! Whilst child themes are a good concept (preserves content and code changes when any theme updates are installed) from being over written, I spent ages messing about with the child theme thing. Child Themify didn’t work. So found another called Orbisius. Created and activated, great! Then using the Orbisius editor added my content (that I wanted to appear on the home page), preferably at a specific point on the page. So I thought I’d insert the following code into the child theme editor which I got from the support pages:
    add_filter(‘tc_fp_block_display’, ‘content_before_fp’);
    function content_before_fp($html) {
    $before_fp = ”; //Put your HTML inside this var
    return $before_fp.$html;
    The assumption was the file the child theme generated was the ‘functions.php’, then again why wouldn’t it be? Added the (above) code and some content, saved and uploaded. Sadly it didn’t work and did something weird to the website too. Removed content to revert website back to working again.

    Then it came to the step of attempting to ‘hook’ the new child theme (containing my new content including HTML) to some point/location on the home page. Whilst a sound concept, a Nightmare and double-Dutch if you don’t have code development skills. Sorry, but I dream of drag-n-drop simplicity.

    Then I had a light bulb moment! Why not look at the showcase examples for something similar, which I found. This gave me the idea to write directly to the ‘index.html’ page itself (on the understanding if I update the Customizr I would have to remember to re-add again any content previously inserted).
    I opened my website front home page (the page that has featured pages, above which I wanted to add content to) that turns out not to be titled. ‘index.html’ but ‘index.php’.
    So to identify the exact spot where I wanted to locate my copy I ‘right-clicked’ to inspect element. Yep, found the spot where I’d like to type some text in and some HTML etc. Thus, that’s the page I want to add content to, right?

    In WordPress admin -> appearance -> editor lists the theme files. It must be one of them I thought, surely? But no! I didn’t find the home page as shown, so can only assume the contents, in part are generated or something. Darn!

    Oh yeah, on the Customizr help site, there is a good list of the CSS selectors listed with another adjacent column giving a short description. You may well find these useful, though alas there is not a column that shows the source pages where these CSS selectors are actually located, which would be real fab. Unclear if every listed selector is used in one specific file only (style.css) or are in and affect several files!

    If you’re new to this like I am and have loads of time, I think the Customizr theme is really worth persevering with. If you find yourself reading a help article on the Customizr support forum and find something is quite unclear, the chances are there is an assumption (by the contributor) you’re not a newbie and don’t have the requisite knowledge (which I’d say the majority probably do have). Unfortunately I don’t have the time, so now have to select a theme I can get up and running without taking the time to develop developer skills. Think I’ll try to find the theme I used a couple of years ago that I could pull to bits, add stuff to, put it together again and it worked like a dream … now what was it?

    Best šŸ˜‰

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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