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  • … use it with care!

    This plug-in fills a great need for all those users who create dictionaries (with Flex and other tools) and who need to get them out to the people.

    Careful: This power-tool is not so much a plug-in, just WordPress does not offer other categories(?). Webonary works best if you give it its own dedicated “blog” where it can control all posts and all pages. We are doing that and that works swell. Of course you can run another “normal” blog and have it so integrated and inter-linked that your users might not even notice the underlying structure.

    Five plus stars for developing this tool.

    Today I am moving my actual rating from four to five stars. I would still call it early days. But the team is awesome. We are doing some self-hosting and had some tricky configs (paths) and data. But the Webonary team has given us great help and has even written several new versions. They seem to really care about minority languages. (Yes, I am one of those too, but I am not affiliated, nor will I receive a coffee-maker for this rating (or will I?), nor do I personally know the team. Would like to meet them though.)

    Read the documentation very carefully and do give it a try!


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