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    Hey, I went to your site, which says For all our WordPress plugins, please log into your Timely account and raise a ticket here account > Get Help. But says “Get Help unavailable”. So I’ll try here.

    I just attempted disabling all plugins and switching themes and installing a fresh copy of the plugin but I can’t get to the admin stuff, it says If the form isn’t working try this link and my console says:

    ?ai1ec_render_js=common_backend&is_backend=true&ver=2.5.18:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

    And the front end has a similar error but functions. Anything to try other than fresh install and crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen again? Thanks, great plugin otherwise.

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  • Hello @thenetking,

    What version of PHP is your host running? I have seen a very similar issue, it was caused by an older version of PHP (5.6). Please check and see if you can upgrade it if it’s old.

    Let me know the results..

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    PHP 7.0.15-0ubuntu0.16.04.4 (cli) ( NTS )
    Linux Mint running at home

    I realized I can manually include the .js file it tries rendering on the fly(from another wordpress install) and get the front end working. But the admin is still shot and I need to change the theme which wigged out and changed when this happened. Thanky

    Hi @thenetking,

    Ok, what version of the plugin do you have installed? Latest should be 2.5.18.

    Version 2.5.18

    I backed mine up, installed a new one, disabled all plugins and switched themes. It’s like it’s trying to get to a cached copy of the .js file that doesn’t exist.

    Hi @thenetking,

    Here’s the instructions for manual install, in case you missed a step, or, I suggest deleting the database you created for your calendar (if you had no events), but if you did have events, follow these steps:

    – Backup your current events by scrolling down to the bottom of your calendar and click on the [Subscribe] button, then click on “Add to Timely Calendar” and download the events file (download.ics).
    – Delete the file uninstall.php from the plugin directory that is currently on the server (found under /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar). Deleting this file ensures that when you uninstall the current version of the plugin, your event data and calendar settings will be preserved when you delete the plugin (don’t skip this step – it’s important!)
    – Deactivate the All-in-One Event Calendar using your WordPress Dashboard.
    – Delete the All-in-One Event Calendar using your WordPress Dashboard.
    – Database -> wp_options, click option_name to sort and delete everything with ai1ec_, this will delete plugin settings but events will remain in the database.
    – Now install the latest version.

    Sweet, I did not come across these and the last time I tried clearing a plugin out of the db, it did not do anything so I didn’t want to bother. I will give these a try when I have a chance, which I don’t think will be right now. I’ll mark this closed, thank you for your time!

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