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  • Hi all 🙂

    I was wondering how my site – – renders in Internet Explorer 7. I would download IE7 myself, but I work mostly on a Mac, and … well, I use dial-up.

    I’ve tried using this site:

    But it’s been about a fortnight and I still haven’t gotten my preview! So I’d really love it if anyone who has IE7 on their computers could take a quick look at my site, and tell me what it looks like?

    Thank you everyone – Yvonne

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  • Hrmm… not good. Sidebars have fallen. Drop me a note at handy.solo AT and I could shoot you some screen shots perhaps.

    Damn – and I spent so much time fixing up my theme for IE6 >_< I’m sending that email now, thanks!

    Bad girl, bad girl, whatchya gonna do?
    Whatchya gonna do when your sidebars turn to gooooo.

    I’ll be rootin’ for you, after all I’m still proclaiming you as a IE/css must-read!!!

    wheeeee. No pressure or nothin’ ;’)

    Ha ha, hey Sam =)

    Handy sent me the screenshots (thanks for that!) – honestly, I thought I’d be glad when everyone started upgrading to IE7, now I’m hoping everyone sticks with IE6 😛

    Oh … and if anyone has a way for me to fix this up, I’d love to hear it!

    Love to help but I don’t have access to IE7. This helps support my illusion that IE7 will respect css standards ;’)

    emailing you…

    Hmm – hate to sound like a whiner Sam, but me thinks that email didn’t get through :/ My email is yvekvt AT

    bleh, I had a different (.au) address. Re-sending.

    I simply and positively refuse to worry about IE7 until it’s out of beta, and released “properly”. I’m not about to install it on my system, and with no real way to test for it, I say screw it.

    Here’s hoping everyone else agrees with your ‘screw IE7’ sentiments, vavroom 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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