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  • If our plugin ( or any other for what it matters ) crashes your website, to have your website up and running again simply use ftp to rename our plugin folder. Our plugin folder is called all-in-on-event-calendar and it’s found under wp-content/plugins. Just rename that folder and your website will be up again.
    When your site is online again, go to the plugins page and delete the Lite version.
    Then go to our website and download the standard version and install it.
    If you still have problems, post a question on our support forums.

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    So what you’re saying is, the plugin here on is buggy, and there’s a better version on your site? Or are you saying that after the version here crashes our sites, we can delete it and then go buy your $75 version? Either way, that doesn’t seem cool.

    Thread Starter nicola.peluchetti


    The version on is not supported anymore as we use libraries which are not compatible with licences. We have a standard and free version that we support on our forum, my advice is simply to install our standard version and in case ask for (free) support for the standard, simple as that.

    nicola.peluchetti, you are saying that the download of All-in-One Event Calendar on may not work and may crash websites.

    You also say ” The version on is not supported anymore as we use libraries which are not compatible with licences.”

    So why is this version still on, why have Timely not removed it ?

    Thread Starter nicola.peluchetti


    Hi, this plugin, like any other plugin, might crash websites due to conflicts, i just provided a way to get back your site online.
    This version is compatible with the, it’s here so that people can use it to install the latest standard version that we support. I don’t see anything strange in this, the standard version we support is free too, simply can’t be here, it’s just that. 🙂

    @malkieh: You have already made your views known in here. Please stop posting duplicates elsewhere.

    nicola.peluchetti You do say “we use libraries which are not compatible with licences.”

    @nicola : the problem with the forums on is there are unresolved fatal errors since months, such as “Fatal error: Internal Zend error – Missing class information for in /home/xxx/domains/xxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/lib/lessphp/ on line 4”.

    That was an issue with the Lite version and still is with the Standard one…

    When it happens, the website only shows a blank page with the error and after a few minutes it comes up again, without any clear reason of this happening.

    Thread Starter nicola.peluchetti


    @webby1973 those errors are APC related and are bugs of PHP

    Basically APC sometimes fails when autoloader are used like in our plugin ( use of autoloaders is suggested by wordpress ).
    What we have found as a possible solution is to increase memory allocated for APC, but it’s not 100% foolproof. Also updating PHP to the latest version might help. Otherwise, simply turn off APC.

    I downloaded the Standard edition from the Timely website and it crashed my site. Had to delete the folder but the lite version works.

    I have standard version 1.10.1 and now it says I need to update to 1.10.3 but I did that earlier and it crashed my site. So I am hesitant since i had to redo all my events. @nicola what do you recommend?

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    @geoff do not update. Can can you please senda a mail at nicola at time dot ly? i need some way to access your database and fta and admin access. I need to see what’s happening


    First .. thanks for your information about how to get things back.

    Next. If we shouldn’t update the plugin (from the WP dashboard, to 1.10.3) .. how and when will we know if an update is available and if and when we should upgrade the standard version?

    How do you plan on notifying us if and when a new update, that is safe to use, is available?

    Just let me know how we will be moving forward with using All in One and to be notified when updates are available.

    Personally, I’d much prefer it if the plugin didn’t use libraries that weren’t in sync or are compatible with licenses, etc. That would be my prefernce. Any possibility for that to happen?


    I have the same problem as Geoff Panek

    I realy do not understand whats going on here.

    I’m only install Plugs and AddOns from the WordPress-Board. And now i must make the experience, that there is no reason for it. Beause, it seems that there is no difference. An wordpress-board plugin can be incompatible as now an plug from other sources.

    Thats not funny. I have trustet on it, and no i can rebuilt all my datas. I became realy agressive about this.

    Thread Starter nicola.peluchetti


    @weltklang here i explain the difference between the three versions of the plugin.
    Unfortunately as of now that means mantaining 3 different codebases, which is a nightmare. We are rewriting the plugin and hopefully this will become less of a problem. If someone who has 1.10.1 standard that sees 1.10.3 upgrade notice sends me db/ftp/admin access at the addres nicola at time dot ly i can take a look and see what’s wrong and hopefully fix it.

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