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  • Hi there,

    I have two issues:

    1. If menu is not working anymore after upgrading WP to 5.4. Please fix that. As you see, If Menu options/properties are not visible anymore >
    I also want to invest in the PRO version.
    I’m using Total theme latest available version and contacted their support, and they told me that WordPress 5.4 added new hooks which requires any menu type plugin to update accordingly as stated here:

    New hooks let you add custom fields to menu items

    2. I tried to register on your website but was unable to; seems you are having an issue with registration. Please fix that.

    Thank you in advance.


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  • Plugin Author Andrei



    Thanks for the interest in using the plugin!

    Yes indeed there’s a change in WordPress related to menu items, and If Menu has an update for this.

    Can you check if you’re using If Menu v0.16 on your site? If using this and visibility rules are not appearing for menu items, it means another plugin or theme is not updated for the changes in WordPress, and breaks the functionality for this plugin too.

    I’m looking into this, making it work somehow, and update here with more details later.

    The registration on plugins website is resolved now, thanks for letting me know.


    Plugin Author Andrei


    Can you update to latest version of If Menu please? This should display a more description warning about other plugins/themes and how can be fixed.

    If Menu was updated 1-2 weeks ago to handle the new change in WordPress 5.4.
    The WordPress team sent a notification to all developers about the change, but some plugins are not updated yet.

    If visibility rules are still now shown, can you add here the error message you see?

    Hello @andreiigna ,

    I just discovered I cannot see the visibility rules on my website. I tried to disable all the plugins to check if “if menu” still working. As I can see, nothing is visible for the visibility rules in the back office, but some of the display has been changed. I don’t know how to fix this.
    Do you have any idea?

    Thanks and have a great day.


    Hello again @andreiigna ,

    After some research I tried to downgrade WordPress to 5.3 by using the “WP Downgrade” plugin, and now everything is perfectly fine again! So the problem is associated with that WordPress version.
    I hope that could help you.

    Thank you for your plugin and have a nice week.


    Plugin Author Andrei



    WordPress 5.4 adds some changes that break menu items functionality, and all themes & plugins need to adapt to this.

    If Menu plugin is updated to handle this, but unfortunately not all themes/plugins are prepared for this change. If only one of them is not updated, it breaks menu items functionality for almost all other plugins.

    There’s no ideal solution to this, and the only things we can do are:
    – downgrade to WordPress 5.3
    – disable the theme/plugin that causes this conflict
    – contact the developers of those themes/plugins to ask about updating it

    Hope this helps

    I’m having the same issue and it looks like the Theme I’m using (HB Highend) is one of those incompatible with the 5.4 update and If Menu (version 0.16.1).
    I’ve raised this with HB-Themes:
    But it’s been over a month and nothing yet.

    Is there anyway to somehow edit the rules in the backend? I have paid for the premium ‘More Visibility Rules’ Plug in (version 0.4) and I desperately need the functionality. If I can’t make it work, I’ll have to replace If Menu/More Visibility Rules.

    Thanks in advance.


    I updated my theme neve (version 2.8.1), my wordpress version is 5.5.1 and since i did the Neve update i have a conflict with your plugin ifMenu Version 0.16.1 that makes all my menu expanded.

    Do you have a way to resolve this issue ?

    Here is the info i got in WP : If Menu detected that another plugin or theme (ACF_Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit) extends menu items incorrectly. This may cause duplicate visibility rules to show up, but functionality should be fine.

    Thanks a lot.

    My website is

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