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  • shelnook


    WP E-commerce installed in the newest version as of today 11/14/2014.
    Store toolkit installed with the newest version also.. as of today.
    enable store toolkit.. go to look at the options.. see the Nuke option
    is greyed out and says that i must deactivate wp e-commerce to be able
    to nuke the installation. OK .. deactivated wp e-commerce.. went back
    to the settings.. nothing.. no options.. just a blank page.. what..
    reactivate the wp e-commerce.. and boom.. all the settings are there again in the store toolkit.. except.. you guessed it.. the option to nuke the installation…

    issue happens in every browser type.. so not a browser issue.. issue happens when i disable my theme and use the default genesis theme.. so not a theme issue..

    It just doesn’t work.. keep looking for something that will actually allow me to remove the wp e-commerce plugin completely.. from the databases..

    Somehow i doubt this will ever appear on their ratings page.. i do hope i’m wrong about this and someone will actually let me know how to fix this issue..

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